Shade Sail Installation: Is it Necessary?

Latest News/Shade Sail Installation: Is it Necessary?

Spending time in the outdoors is great – but we need to be careful when we do so. When we spend extended amounts of time unprotected in the sun, it can have long-lasting and serious impacts on our health. However, limiting the sun’s effect on us isn’t the only reason we need shade sails – let’s take a further look at why below.


Reason 1: The Sun

The sun is essential to life on Earth, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have strong negative consequences for us if we aren’t careful. The best way to prevent them? Through investing in shade sails.

Children’s Health

Children love playing in the sun, but without careful care, a fun day out can turn into something significantly more serious, like a nasty sunburn, dehydration or skin damage. Shade sails assist there – children can still play outside, but instead of playing in direct sunlight, there would be a layer of protection between them and the sun.


Prolonged and regular sun exposure damages the exteriors of cars by fading paint as well as degrading the plastic on bumps. The interior of your car can also be affected, both by direct sunlight, but also due to the temperature it reaches when the car is left exposed.

Sun exposure is known to damage the exterior of a car, including fading the paint and degrading the plastics on bumpers. 


The sun’s rays are extremely damaging on bare skin – and sunscreen only does so much. Not only that, but UV rays can also impact the quality of your pool water through causing chlorine to dissipate. Using a pool shade sail, however, will extend the quality of your pool water by shielding it against UV rays.


Reason 2: Style

Hosting your family and friends in your outdoor area is a great way to spend a Sunday, but exposure to UV rays and the hot sun can quickly make outdoor BBQs exhausting. Patio shades, however, can protect you against that through providing shade, making your outdoor area significantly more comfortable without compromising on style. With a wide variety of materials, aesthetics and styles available, there will be one to suit your home and design.

Reason 3: Privacy

Shade sails are versatile in their installation. Not only can they provide shade from the sun, but they can also be installed in ways that provide instant privacy, blocking out unwanted viewers.


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Shade sails are one of the most effective ways to protect our children, cars and pools from the sun. At  the same time, they can also enhance privacy – whilst livening up our outdoor areas and making them more appealing during those family BBQs.

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