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We aim to provide an efficient, flawless product and service by handling everything from design to installation. Our service is impeccable and we guide you through the process every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the result. Browse through images of our previous shade projects and witness the high standard of our work.


Residential Shade Sails

Aussies love our backyards, from a swim in the pool, to a long afternoon barbeque, or tidying up the garden. As we all know, our endless sunshine comes at the cost of harmful UV rays. If you want to get a little more protection for you and your family, shade sails are a brilliant way to improve the liveability of your outdoor areas, while not hurting your back pocket.

The real advantage of shade sails are their flexibility. Shade over the pool area is great for long, safe afternoons in the water, but what about when the seasons change? Shade sails are all removeable, allowing full protection in the heat, and letting the warmth in over the cooler months.

We are a family owned business, and we pride ourselves in providing full manufacture and installation services. Give us a call, and we will measure, quote and custom build the perfect shade solution for your home.


Commercial Shade Sails

Café’s, playgrounds, or the office outdoor areas, commercial shade sails provide shelter, while improving the professional look of your public spaces. Because we understand that commercial installations need to be tough, long lasting, and keep their appearance, we have sourced materials and hardware that far exceed Australian Standards.

More, our commercial shades are maintenance free. We use 100% round monofilament HDPE yarn for long term strength, and high-quality hardware to ensure no post-installation tightening is necessary. Manufactured in Australia, our offerings come in 14 vibrant colours, from loud playground yellows to suave professional blues.

Call shade experience today and discuss what options we can provide to improving the solar safety, comfort and useability of your valuable commercial space.


Shade Shelters

When you need comprehensive shelter coverage, shade shelters are the perfect shade solution.  A shade shelter is a permanent or semi-permanent installation that utilises a steel structure to shape or enclose our shade sails.  This enables our staff to custom design your shade solutions to provide protection at a fraction of the costs.

Shade shelters are used to cover larger areas or constructs. We find them the perfect solution for Council projects such as large children’s playgrounds, car parking areas, beer gardens or unusually shaped spaces.

Our materials are high grade, come in a range of colours, and provide a cooler experience than plastic, tin or wooden shelters. While other high-ceiling non-permeable shelters provide similar shade, the mesh shade sails are air permeable. This allows hot air to rise through the shelter and permits the cooling coastal breezes in to create a superior micro-climate.


Cantilever Shade Sails

Perfect for grandstands, rows of parking, or any area backing to a wall, cantilever shade sails are supported by a foundation beam and extend suspended over your outdoor areas. An architectural technique, cantilevers have been utilised for centuries in building awnings, shelters, bridges or for visually striking design.

Applied to our modern shade sail technology, our cantilevers can be built to sit back to back, free standing or against another structure. Our experienced design team will come out to site, make a full assessment and find you the perfect shade solution.

If you have a unique shade issue call us today, our team love to chat about the innovative design options we can offer.