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The best part of the Australian summer is the time spent with family and friends in the backyard. From gardening to swimming, barbeques with the neighbours to a quiet afternoon with a book, spending your weekend in the backyard is a key part of the Australian culture. Unfortunately, Perth’s higher exposure to hot sun and harmful UV rays can quickly degrade your outdoor furniture and cause painful sun burn or harmful skin cancers to you or your family.
Across Metropolitan Perth, families are extending the usability of their backyard while protecting their families by installing patio shades.


What are Patio Shades?

Also known as a garden shade sail, patio shades are UV resistant cloth coverings that are suspended over a portion of your backyard to provide shade and relief during the heat of summer. Unlike metal sheeting or wooden patios, most patio shades are made with air permeable materials that allow hot air to pass through, cooling the space much more than fixed patio options.


Why Do You Need Patio Shades?

No matter your favourite way to spend time in your backyard, be it gardening, sport or just relaxing, a patio shade will protect you, your family, and your furniture from damage by the sun.


Prevent Damage to Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is designed to be tough, to take a beating from water, salt, wind, rain and sun. However, that doesn’t make outdoor furniture impervious to decay. Coatings, wood treatments and paint are often designed for generic outdoor environments, and are not strong enough for the unusually high levels of UV in Perth’s intense sunlight.
Even in winter, over the length of the year there is very little time when an exposed piece of outdoor furniture doesn’t get degraded by harmful UV. By installing a patio shade sail over your outdoor furniture, you will find your expensive wooden pieces don’t sun bleach, your metal seat frames don’t flake, and your plastics don’t melt or crumble. With a small investment in a patio shade, you can expect a much longer useable life from your outdoor settings. (Also Read: Garden Shade Sails Perfect for Summer)


Prevent Health Issues

We all know how to best protect ourselves when outside in the Australian sun. But better than a shirt, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, installing a garden shade sail can protect your family from UV rays, while increasing the aesthetic appeal, and property values of your outdoor area.
It is well documented that Perth is a hot spot for skin cancers, a dangerous and preventable cancer caused by UV ray exposure. And, as anyone who has spent a long, painful night with a bottle of aloe vera will attest, sun burn is a high price to pay for enjoying our city’s beautiful weather. (Also Read: 5 Sun Protection Tips)


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