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Perth is known across Australia for many brilliant things, unfortunately something we are very well known for is our hot, damaging sun. Our UV exposure in Perth causes all sorts of issues, including cracking wall rendering, sun burn, skin cancers, and car damage. If you have a one car too many for your garage, or don’t want to invest heavily in constructing a solid carport or shelter, have you thought about a carport shade sail?


What are Carport Sails?

Carport sails are simply the best value protection you can get for parked cars at your home or office. For a domestic setting, we can measure, position and install a shade sail above your car parking space that reduced the UV exposure of your car by 83-97%, vastly increasing the life of your car’s interior, exterior and plastics.

We have all walked across a hot carpark on a summer afternoon where you can feel the heat radiate from the asphalt or concrete. In a commercial setting, cantilevered shade sails can make normally hostile car parks significantly cooler, reducing the damage to you and your staff’s vehicles, and making the drive home much more comfortable.


How the Sun Can Damage Your Car

A car left regularly fully exposed to the sun will degrade faster than a garaged car in most cities of the world, this is doubly true in Perth’s notoriously hot sun.

Sun exposure is known to damage the exterior of a car, including fading the paint and degrading the plastics on bumpers. The interior of your car can be damaged by direct sunlight through your windshield and windows, or simply by the ambient temperature that cars reach when left exposed.


Benefits of Carport Sails

When we design your shade sail solution, we can include into the design any amount of protection, including full coverage of walkways between your front door and vehicle from sun, wind and rain, to minimalist designs that create protective shade for your car.


Sun Shade Sails to Protect Your Car From the Sun

There are few things worse for your car than leaving it exposed to sunlight all day, every day. We have included some of the more common components that are damaged from exposure.

  • Dashboards often are subject to the highest heats anywhere in your car. With the windshield simultaneously magnifying sun damage and trapping heat in, dashboard materials can fade, crack or flake.
  • Sunlight on the bonnet of your car can create incredibly hot environments, which will degrade your battery life. Degraded batteries are vulnerable to a range of failures from acid leaks to dropping a cell. Any battery failure has one outcome, your car isn’t going anywhere.
  • Paint and plastics on the exterior of the car degrade, including greying of plastic fixtures or flaking or fading paint. These issues are unsightly, can make the car more vulnerable to rust, and definitely reduce the vehicle’s resale value.


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