Shade Sail Solutions to Keep You Safe Under the Australian Sun

Latest News/Shade Sail Solutions to Keep You Safe Under the Australian Sun

Australia is notorious for having one of the hottest and harshest suns, catching many people – even born and bred Aussies – off guard. Resulting in sunburn, spots and an increased risk of skin cancer, protecting yourself against the Australian sun is essential.

Staying safe under the Australian sun involves a balance of hydration, layers of clothing, proper SPF protection and shady spots. At Shade Experience, we specialise in providing custom sail shades to let you enjoy the best of the sun while staying safe and protected. Able to be constructed in convenient and comfortable spots, your sail shades provide maximum protection year-round.


The Importance of Shade

Shade is one of the most effective ways of minimising damage caused by the sun. Blocking direct sunlight and UV rays from damaging the skin, shade provides a safe refuge for your skin and body.

Sail shades offer a convenient and effective way to stay protected from the Australian sun without compromising on productivity or freedom. Whether you’re sheltering a school playground or adding a sail shade to your garden, you can keep safe, protected and comfortable in even the hottest of conditions.


Understanding SPF

SPF is a term that’s commonly thrown around, especially when it comes to sunscreen and skincare. But, what does it actually mean?

Standing for ‘sun protection factor’, SPF numbers reflect how protective a sunscreen is against UV radiation. Responsible for sunburn, excess exposure to UV radiation increases your risk of skin cancer. Higher numbers of SPF mean greater protection against radiation, but it’s important to remember that sunscreen ‘screens’ the sun instead of blocking it. It’s dangerous to depend entirely on sunscreen when it comes to protecting your skin effectively.

While applying sunscreen is a no-brainer for spending time in the sun, your best defence is staying in shaded spots. Sail shades minimise UV rays and sunlight from penetrating an area, providing a safe and comfortable spot for you to soak in the weather without soaking up dangerous UV rays.  


Sail Shade Solutions

Ideal for both residential and commercial locations, sail shades offer high-level protection against the sun. Providing a comfortable and convenient solution, staying sun safe is made simple.

At Shade Experience, our Perth professionals design, manufacture and install a wide range of shade sails, shade shelters and cantilever shades customised to suit your space. We specialise in crafting custom sail shades from durable cloth engineered to minimise sun exposure and limit UV rays.


Quality Custom Shade Cloths in Perth

Manufacturing custom shade sails, shade shelters and cantilever shades, Shade Experience helps you stay protected and guarded against the harsh Australian sun. Ideal for use in a range of locations, including private residential pools and public walkways and plazas, sail shades provide reliable, comfortable and durable cover.

Looking for an affordable and effective sun protection solution? Get a quote on your custom shade cloth in Perth. Contact us today on (08) 9417 9988.