Is Investing in Cantilever Shade Structures Worth It?

Latest News/Is Investing in Cantilever Shade Structures Worth It?

Why You Should Use A Cantilever Shade Structure

Installing a shade structure in your outdoor area gives your space great versatility, allowing you to use your outdoor space to entertain or relax in, without worrying about installing a costly permanent structure. Our cantilever shade structures protect you and your family from the elements by giving protection from the sun, wind and rain which allows you to use your space all year round.

We know that every client we meet will have different preferences for how they want their shade sail to look and that is why we custom design our products with the individual client in mind to best suit their needs and leave them with a shade structure that suits their space.


What Are Cantilever Shade Sails?

A cantilever shade sail is a structure which is supported only on one side and is made by using cantilevered beams which extend from foundation posts. At Shade Experience our cantilever shade structures can be free-standing, back to back or against an already existing structure. This innovative design gives you the freedom to install a shade sail where you need it, not just where it is structurally convenient.


Benefits Of Cantilever Shade Structures

Want to know more about why you should invest in a cantilever shade structure? Although our shade structures do protect you and your family from UV rays, this is not the only benefit. Here are just a few more:

Posts On One Side

Our cantilever shade structures are only supported by posts on one side of the structure, meaning the structure won’t block any views and you have more freedom under the shaded area.


Ground Space

Having posts on only one side of the structure also gives you more ground space, minimising column obstruction and allowing more space underneath the shade. This gives you more freedom with your outdoor area to use your space the way you want to.


Free Standing

The cantilever shade structures can also be free standing which means they don’t rely on the structural integrity of any other structure. This allows your shade to be installed wherever appropriate and needed instead of being restricted by the placement of another structure.


Protection From The Elements

Our shade sails don’t only protect you from the sun but also from wind and light rain.  


Easy Set-Up

Shade sails allow for excellent flexibility in your outdoor space by not only allowing you to use your outdoor areas for more time around the year, but by also allowing you to install and remove your shade sails easily. Unlike other outdoor structures which can take days or even weeks to install.


Enquire For Cantilever Shade Structures With Shade Experience

Still unsure about how a cantilever shade structure can improve your outdoor space? Get in touch with us today! Our 25 years of experience in the industry means we know how to deliver high quality products and great customer service. Come and see us at Shade Experience where our skilled and friendly staff will assist you in deciding the size, colour and style of your next shade sail.