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Pool Shades in Perth

Pool Shades in Perth

Owning a pool is a quintessential Australian dream; hot summer days spent splashing in the pool with family and friends is all part of enjoying our sunny weather. But, while pools are made for enjoying summer, the harsh Australian sun can quickly take a toll on your health.

At Shade Experience, we specialise in installing high quality pool shade sails in homes and businesses across Perth. With over 20 years of experience, we supply and install a variety of reliable pool shades to protect you against the sun.


Enjoy all that your pool has to offer without worrying about sunburn, heat stroke and harmful UV rays. Install your pool shade sails with Shade Experience.


Protecting You Against UV Rays 

Pool shade sails are one of the most effective ways to protect you and your family from damaging UV rays. Regardless of your skin tone, the Australian sun can do real long term damage. Children with sensitive skin are often prone to painful sunburn and sun-related illnesses, resulting in unhappy kids and worried parents.


Our pool shade sails protect you and your family from the sun, boasting a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation of the cloth.


Customisable and Versatile 

Providing you with flexibility, our pool shade sails can be customised to suit your needs. Choose how you want your pool to be covered, from complete all-day coverage to partial shade solutions. Our experienced shade professionals offer expert advice on shade sail designs and placements according to your requirements.


Enjoy lounging in the sun while the kids splash in a shady area of the pool by customising your pool shade sails.

Protect the Longevity of Your Pool 

Slowly but surely, the sun fades and damages pools, outdoor furniture and pool accessories. Our pool shade sails can increase the longevity of your pool and outdoor space by providing relief and protection against the harsh sun.

The sun is known to cause damage to pool liners, also causing bleaching and cracking on your outdoor pavers and tiles. Sunlight can also affect your pool’s chlorine, resulting in a significant increase of chemicals required to balance chlorine levels.


Our range of pool shade sails offers comprehensive protection of your pool’s accessories and furniture, along with the pool water itself. As an added bonus, you’ll also minimise the amount of leaves and debris making way into your pool and outdoor area.


Get Started on Your Quality Pool Shade Sails

A pool is one of the most in demand features in Australian homes. Providing fun, relaxation and luxury for family members of all ages, pools are a staple of Australian summers.

At Shade Experience, we’re here to help you protect your pool and your family with high quality pool shade sails made custom. Reduce harmful UV rays and sunburn and avoid sun damage to your pool and pool accessories.


Find out more about installing a high quality pool shade sail. Talk to our friendly shade professionals to learn more extending the life of your pool and enjoying Australian summers for years to come.


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