How to Prepare for a DIY Shade Sail Installation

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As Perth residents, there are a few things we all know about our city that guests may not. Our coffee is better than Melbourne, our beaches are pristine, and spending more than ten minutes in the sun without protection is a recipe for a nasty, painful sunburn.

If you love the outdoors, but want to keep yourself and your family protected from the life threatening complications of skin cancers caused by sunburns, shade sail installation in Perth is the perfect solution. But how hard are they to install?


Why Is It Difficult To Install Your Shade Sail in Perth?

At Shade Experience we know that installing a shade sail properly requires more than just enthusiasm and a steady hand with a power drill. 



We find regularly that most of our clients begin thinking about shade sails well into the sunny months of the year. People are dreaming of a long summer afternoon with a cold drink enjoying the weather while being out of the sun. Yet, when installing a shade sail yourself, be prepared for some serious time out in the elements. Most installations require digging deep post holes, climbing on roofs, and no small amount of understanding of how and where the sun moves throughout the year.

Rather than get yourself a nasty burn, and spend a couple of weekends sweating in the sweltering heat, why not allow Shade Experience to do the heavy lifting. You will have a shade sail quicker, and without the danger of sun exposure that we all know too well.



A shade sail is basically a tight sheet, right? Wrong. Installing a shade sail can be a laborious, delicate process. When installing, you need to account for a variety of environmental factors, understand the strength of existing building elements, and have a sound knowledge of the soil condition on your property. Our experienced team at Shade Experience recommend you have at least:

  • Understand where you want the shade, and how the sun moves throughout the year. Only on summer solstice at noon will the shade be directly below your sail.
  • Know how much strength your proposed mounting points have. Shade sails put significant and constant stress on their mounting points. If you are using a tree, the corner of your house’s roof, or need to install mounting posts, you need to be sure they are strong enough.
  • Appreciate how strong the sea breeze blows on your property, and how firm the soil. Shade sails can and will catch the wind. During storm season, you don’t want to have a shade sail tear or break loose because a mounting post was not deep enough in Perth’s sandy soils.


Call An Expert For Shade Sail Installation Perth

If you want the best sun protection for your backyard, commercial outdoor area or children’s playground, call Shade Experience today to get your Perth shade sail installed perfectly the first time. Get the benefit of our team’s expertise in designing, placement and installation of your shade sail for the perfect sun shade solution.