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Reliable, Durable and High Quality Shade Cloth Materials in Perth

At Shade Experience, we pride ourselves on creating and installing high quality sail shades across Perth. Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, our sail shades protect from weather and provide a comfortable refuge from hot summer sun. From covering family pools to shading busy commercial areas, we craft shades of all sizes and styles.

In order to provide you with the most durable and reliable shade sail solutions, we utilise high quality shade cloths engineered for tension structures. Strong, stable and able to withstand demanding weather conditions, our shade sails stay put year-round.


Our Sail Shades

Our domestic and commercial shade sails are made from Synthesis Commercial 95 knitted shade cloth. Designed specifically for heavy duty use in tension structures, this cloth offers sturdiness and reliability in all weather conditions. Engineered to breathe, Synthesis Commercial 95 cloth allows air to circulate beneath the fabric for a cooler and fresher environment.


Strong and Sun Resistant

Synthesis Commercial 95 sail shades offer innovative sun resistant technology that blocks sun rays while offering comfortable conditions underneath. Providing maximum sun protection and strength, they offer long-term performance with little to no maintenance required.  

As one of the strongest fabrics on the Australian market, Synthesis Commercial 95 sail shades offer protection from the rain and are resistant to developing mould in wet conditions. They’re fray and tear resistant, giving you peace of mind that your shades are protected from stray branches or debris.

For larger commercial situations we use Monotec 370.  This cloth is 650cms wide which means that there will be less joins in the sail.  There is a 15 year warranty by the manufacturer against UV degredation.   It is made in Australia for Australian conditions and is one of the strongest shade sails on the Australian market.


Features and Benefits

Utilising Synthesis Commercial 95 sail shades, we’re able to offer shades in a wide range of colours to suit your space. 100% recyclable and 100% lead and phthalate free, our shades provide environmentally conscious clients with an eco-friendly solution for shelter.

When it comes to sun protection, our shades strike the perfect balance between strength and UV block. With a UV block range of 89.3%–97.7%, you’re able to spend more time outdoors with a minimised risk of sun damage. Boasting an added 10-year UV degradation warranty, you’re covered for an entire decade.


What Makes Us Unique?

With over 20 years of experience creating and installing a wide range of shade cloths in Perth, Shade Experience is the region’s established and reputable team. We provide high quality residential and commercial services, advising on the ideal size, colour, design and configuration of shade sails and shelters for your space.

When you choose Shade Experience, you receive over two decades of expertise and knowledge in installing durable, functional and protective shelters. With ongoing support and services, we ensure that your shades serve you and your family for years to come.


Contact Shade Experience in Perth

If you’re thinking of installing shade sails on your property, chat with Perth’s experienced team. At Shade Experience, we specialise in crafting and installing a variety of premium shade sails made to last. Using Synthesis Commercial 95 sail shades, our shade sails are proven to offer UV protection, weather resistance and year-round practicality.

Find out more about our range of shade sails. Contact us today on (08) 9417 9988.

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