Why Your Workplace Needs Outdoor Shades

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There are many aspects to consider when running a workplace and so many of these involve focusing on indoor spaces. In this article, however, we explore the importance of maximising outdoor spaces to increase productivity and morale.


Benefits of Outdoor Work Experiences

A happy team delivers the best results. Pleasing employees, however, can be difficult to achieve. One way in which many companies achieve this is through utilising outdoor work experiences, particularly through events such as barbeques, social events and team sports. Here are a few benefits that these outdoor work experiences can provide for your team.


Fresh Space

Staying inside a lot can feel suffocating. A fresh space and change of scenery will be like a breath of air, where the changed environment will help your team recharge and better focus on their work when they do go indoors once more.


Increased Positive Communication

Teams need to communicate to work productively. Outdoor work experiences allow for different, positive communication. The less formal space will also make it easier for ideas to be shared, and therefore useful concepts may also be developed.



Stress kills ideas and creates unhappy employees. A change of atmosphere, the blue sky and fresh air will relax your employees and help them better focus on the work, instead of feeling trapped in an office space.

It also allows ideas to be worked on in a more personal level. The fear of rejection is decreased and as such employees are more willing and comfortable to create and speak their minds.


Keep Your Employees Protected with Outdoor Shades

As beneficial as outdoor activities are, it is important to keep your employees protected whilst they engage in an outdoor space. One of the best ways to do that is with outdoor shades.



In Australia especially, the sun can have dangerous effects on us if we aren’t careful. UV damage, sunburns and dehydration are just some factors that can be occur if employees aren’t properly looked after.

Shade sails prevent this. At Shade Experience, our shades are designed to protect individuals from heat and UV rays.



When it is hot and when the sun is directly on us, it may be difficult to focus. In an outdoor brainstorming session, a work experience allowing for idea creation in a less formal setting, for example, productivity will be decreased.

Outdoor shades assist with this. Your employees will benefit from having shade protection from the hot sun. Instead of thinking about the heat, they will enjoy the pleasant outdoor weather whilst also working.


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Outdoor work experiences, such as working in fresh air, post-work barbeques and social events, are beneficial, but they need to be protected with outdoor shades. If you have any questions about this article, or how we can help you with shade sail installation, contact us either online or feel free to call us on (08) 94179988. We will be happy to help.