The 365 Day Guide To Shade Sail Installation

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Whether it’s the sweltering summer sun or the blustering winter rains, Australia experiences a range of harsh weather elements and events throughout the year. One way to ensure protection from these harsh elements is the installation of a durable, high quality shade sail that covers a section of your property, backyard, or your parked car’s location.

Depending on your property type, there are a variety of shade sails that may suit your shelter needs. Be it a large shade shelter, a fixed cantilever shade sail, a breathable patio shade sail or a partial garden shade sail, there are plenty of options to choose from with one thing in common – all shade sails are a sure-fire way to protect both your property and yourself from the sun’s harsh UV rays. And when it comes to your next afternoon spent outdoors in Western Australia, protection from harmful and strong UV rays is one of the most important things to consider for both yourself, your property and your loved ones.

There are a range of key factors that comprise a high quality shade sail, starting with strong, premium cloth that can effectively protect from harmful UV rays. As well as being strong, a premium shade sail will need to be resistant to a large range of elements, including fire, water, and general wear and tear caused by other weather events, including hail and heavy rain. Another crucial element in a high quality shade sail is its warranty – and luckily, with a Shade Experience shade sail, you’ll be covered with a 10 year manufacturer warranty against UV-caused cloth degradation.

A major benefit of shade sails is that they can be installed year-round. Providing protection from both the harsh summer sun and the cold winter rains, shade sails are the ideal solution for a wide range of Australian properties facing a range of Australian weather elements. So without further ado, here’s all you’ll need to know for your summer or winter shade sail installation process.


Shade sails for summer

Carport sails


Carport sails can reduce UV exposure to your car in summer by a whopping 83 per cent, making one thing clear – they are one of the most affordable and effective options for summer car protection on the market. A car left exposed to the sun for long amounts of time can degrade rapidly, and can include the fading of paint and the weakening of plastic on bumpers. When it comes to your car’s interior, this extends to damage on your dashboard, inner windshield and flaking on your steering wheel.

The installation of a carport sail during Australia’s summer months is a great way to reduce the potential interior and exterior damage heat can cause to your car. As carport sails are extremely customisable, you’ll be able to design your sail to meet the sizing requirements and specifications of your car’s parked location.


Pool shade sails

shade sail perth

In Australia, the sun’s UV rays reach their peak in the height of summer. These rays can be potentially harmful and damaging to people, buildings and property features, including pools. Investing in a durable pool shade sail is a great way to limit your pool’s exposure to UV, and also to provide a comfortable, shady environment for people to swim or relax in. A pool shade sail will exponentially reduce potential damage of harsh summer UV rays, and can create a specific area in, around and across your pool that is protected from direct sunlight.

As well as potentially damaging those exposed to it, UV rays can also negatively impact the quality of your pool water. This water is comprised of a specific balances of chemicals that, when penetrated by UV rays, can dissipate and become separated. This can disturb the ideal level of chlorine, and can make your pool potentially harmful to swim in due to chemical imbalance. A pool shade sail can therefore be a fantastic method in deterring UV rays from impacting your pool water, and will greatly extend the quality of your pool water. Shade Experience’s pool shade sails come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against UV cloth degradation, so you’ll always have the peace of mind that your shade sail will not only protect your pool area from harsh UV ways, but it will, most importantly, have solid longevity.


Garden and patio shade sails

Garden and patio shade sails are UV-resistant cloth coverings hung over sections of a property’s yard to provide relief from extreme summer temperatures. Constructed with air permeable materials, these versatile, protective shade sails allow air to seamlessly flow through to cool your outdoor space more than metal sheeting options.

One of the most appealing reasons to install a garden shade sail in summertime is to protect outdoor furniture in garden areas. Though it’s often design to be durable, tough and strong during harsh weather conditions, outdoor furniture pieces are not indestructible, and can easily be subjected to weather-induced ‘wear and tear’. Investing in a garden shade sail to protect your outdoor furniture is a likely way to increase your furniture’s longevity, and provide more day-to-day protection for your pieces when the temperatures begin to soar.


Shade sails for winter

Carport sails

Once temperatures begin to drop and rain starts to fall, it’s important to take action to protect your car, house and outdoor furniture from the winter elements. Australian winters are typically windy, rainy and wet, and can definitely take a toll on your car in particularly. The risk of rust, dents or scratches is high in this type of weather – so it’s essential to take action to ensure your car is protected.

One of the most effective shade sails for winter is a carport sail. Designed for properties without sheltered car parks or garages, a carport sail is an affordable and effective way to ensure your car is protected from the harsh winter elements. Carport shade sails are customisable in shape and size, can be altered to become waterproof, and come in a variety of colours to ensure it matches the aesthetics and colours of your home’s exterior. (Also read: Waterproof Carport Sails for Perth’s Winter)

One of the most appealing things about a carport shade sail is that it requires very minimal upkeep once installed. Depending on the type you select, these shade sails are extremely durable and extremely effective in protecting your car from harsh weather and elements in colder months.


Garden or patio shade sails


Similar to a summer installation period, installing garden or patio shade sails in winter is a fantastic way to extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Though the UV rays may not be as harsh in winter, they still exist and can still affect these pieces – so installing a garden shade sail can ensure paint, wood treatments or coatings on your outdoor furniture aren’t negatively affected by UV rays in winter months.


Reason for shade sail installation

If the above scenarios sound familiar, and you’re eager to spend more time outdoors, it might be time to consider a custom shade sail installation. As well as the above benefits, there are plenty of reasons why a shade sail is the right fit for your backyard, property or parked car’s location.

As previously mentioned, one of the most popular reasons to install shade sails is to prevent the negative consequences that WA’s harsh sun can cause to people, properties and building features. Though we’ve covered the adverse effects the sun can have on pools, cars and outdoor furniture pieces, the sun and UV rays’ effect on people is the most potentially damaging. These effects can range from a simple sunburn to skin dehydration, or can result in more serious permanent skin damage or illnesses. To protect your skin from exposure to this harsh sunlight, opt to install a durable shade sail for peace of mind and a range of health and skin benefits.

Another reason for shade sail installation is privacy. No matter the style of shade sail you prefer, the customisability of a shade sail means you can alter its size and shape in a way that blocks unwanted viewers from your property, pool or backyard.

Lastly, many people opt for shade sail installation to add a chic covering to their property. Particularly pertaining to patio, garden and pool shade sails, these coverings are an attractive way to create shady areas in your garden, and come in a wide variety of styles, colours, materials and aesthetics. The beauty of this is that your shade sail will look less like an add-on to your garden, and more like a feature that has been part of the property since the planning process. (Related Article: The Challenges of DIY Shade Sail Installation)


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