How To Protect Your Properties From Damaging UV Rays

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As many Western Australians would know, the city of Perth can experience ruthlessly hot summers. Shady areas can be scarce – so it’s important to take all precautions in protecting areas of your property from damaging UV rays.

Here are five types of shade sails worth looking into if you’re searching for ways to incorporate more shade into outdoor areas.


Shade shelters

If you’re searching for a high quality, structured shade covering, a shade shelter could be just the ticket for keeping your property protected from heat and the elements. Due to its typically large dimensions and shade area, shade shelters are commonly used for outdoor play areas or commercial car parks.

They come in square or rectangular shapes, and make use of high quality, durable materials to ensure longevity. 


Pool shade sails

Need to protect your pool area from the harsh summer sun? Pool shade sails are an extremely effective way to protect people in your swimming pool area from harsh UV rays.

Whether you’d prefer complete all-day coverage or a partial shade covering, pool shade sails are generally customisable to suit your needs and desired level of protection. Plus, Shade Experience pool shade sails come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation of cloth.


Cantilever shade sails

Constructed using cantilevered beams, a cantilever shade is supported on one side; allowing the material cover to stretch across a predetermined area to provide a fixed amount of shade. This is a great option if you have a specific area that requires shading (rather than a large open space). However, this option is also very versatile, as you won’t be limited by fixed pole structures on all sides of the shade covering.

The shape of your cantilever shade covering can be straight or curved; depending on the amount of space you have available. It can be free-standing or against an existing structure, which makes it ideal for car parks and general decking areas.


Patio shade sails

Patios are designed to be used year-round, so using a patio shade sail is the perfect way to protect your patio area – and keep it nice and dry when rainy months come around. Made from locally-sourced cloth, Shade Experience’s patio shades utilise a breathable sail material to allow air flow and provide a comfortable temperature.


Garden shade sails

The harsh Perth sun isn’t very conducive for garden plants. Therefore, a garden shade sail is a great way to protect your plants and ensure your garden is in good health no matter the time of year. With a choice between partial or full shade, you’ll be able to enjoy a green, healthy garden all year-round once your garden shade sail is set up and ready to protect your precious plants. 


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