Checklist of What Makes a Good Playground

Latest News/Checklist of What Makes a Good Playground

A playground is a place of discovery, a space that offers new experiences every time you play there, and a chance to share the fun with other kids. Playgrounds give families the opportunity to explore the outdoors and be together without an electronic device or screen in sight. But what makes a great playground? Read on to read Shade Experience’s tips:


Playgrounds – places to experiment and invent

Kids love being able to explore, experiment and invent. More and more playgrounds are taking a ‘back to nature’ approach, using natural elements like tree trunks, and raw rope nettings in their equipment. Providing a supply of simple movable elements kids can rearrange and build with is hugely popular.


A place to discover and observe

The move back to nature designing a garden-like area with a cluster of boulders to sit on can be a great intimate space for children to have some quiet time. Sand play remains a great creative activity that naturally lends itself to experimentation with water, and all kinds of building games. Sand is a timeless play element, one of the first playground features to appear in city parks.


Be accessible – so children of all abilities can play together

More and more playgrounds are including inclusive equipment for kids with different abilities. These playgrounds create play opportunities for kids of all abilities to play together. Which is fantastic to see.

The different pieces of equipment (wheelchair swings and wheelchair roundabouts) don’t appear that different from other pieces of playground equipment, meaning everyone feels included and accepted. Having wheelchair navigable playground surfacing (like recycled tyre surfaces) is another way to allow kids of all abilities to more easily move around the playground.


A safe place to take risks

A risk is a challenge a child chooses to undertake (like walking across a plank bridge), while a hazard is an unexpected environmental situation that occurs without warning (like the chain on a swing snapping unexpectedly). A great playground while have equipment that is interesting, challenging, and safe to play on (Related Article: Why is the Australian Sun So Dangerous).


Offer shade and protection from the sun

Playgrounds represent freedom, exploration and learning. For us parents, it represents fresh air, vitamin D and exercise – all vital elements for a healthy child but spending time outside can also lead to overexposure to the sun. With Perth’s hot summers and blazing sun, it’s important that playgrounds offer shade and sun protection.  Due to their typically large dimensions and shade area, shade shelters are commonly used for outdoor play areas.

You can also customise your park shelter by changing the colour, for example, if young children mostly use the park, you can install a brightly coloured sun shade sail to add a unique, fun element to the playground.


Get protected from the with Shade Experience

As recommended shade sail manufacturers, our ability to produce and install park shelters means we know what your playground is likely to need regarding shade provision and sun protection.

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