Get High Quality Shades and Maximise Lifespan of Your Shade Sail

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So, you’re thinking about investing in a good shade sail, but how do you know what to look out for?

A good shade sail will:

Be made from premium shade cloth

Good shade sails are made from premium cloth that offers strength and protection against the sun and its UV rays.

Be resistant and durable

Your shade sail needs to be resistant to water, fire and general wear and tear.

Be engineered for the elements

As structures that stay up for months at a time, choose a shade sail engineered to withstand storms, bad weather and the intense Perth sun.

Come with a warranty

Make sure you choose a shade sail backed by with manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment and maximise the lifespan of your product.


Bad sails look and sound terrible

Saggy, droopy shade sails that flap around in the wind and gather leaves in the centre of them during autumn are not good shade sails. The more stress and movement the shade experiences, the faster it will fatigue. If you look around the suburbs, you’ll notice all the badly installed shade sails and see how terrible they look. A shade sail should complement your home, not cause an ugly eye sore.

Noise can also become a factor as the wind moves the shade up and down. It can cause the sail to produce a snap or cracking sound. The more movement in the sail, the more the noise you will hear (Related Article: Why Quality Shade Sails Matter).


Bad sails are short lived

A poor-quality shade sail in Perth will not only deteriorate more quickly but also runs the risk of snapping or tearing in high winds, possibly causing injury to you or your home. You need a shade sail that is effective and aesthetically pleasing, one that will last for years to come.


Good sails provide up to 98% UV protection

Most of the time, people buy shade sails as a tool to protect themselves, their gardens, their cars or their pools from the elements.

Our shade sails are one of the most effective ways to protect you and your family from damaging UV rays. Regardless of your skin tone, the Australian sun can do real long-term damage. Children with sensitive skin are often prone to painful sunburn and sun-related illnesses, resulting in unhappy kids and worried parents.

Our shade sails protect you and your family from the sun, boasting a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation of the cloth.


Get the best protection with Shade Experience

As recommended shade sail manufacturers, our ability to produce and install all types of shade covers means that we know our products very well, and you can rest assured knowing that our offerings and services will provide you with a flawless result.

Get expert advice on shade sail products, materials and solutions in Perth and chat with the experienced team at Shade Experience for custom design and manufacture services.

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